Located in HongKong and Shenzhen,the cities famous of high-tech jewelry industry,Lasting Diamond(HK) Technology developed their shills through many years’ experience in High Pressure WaterjerCutting industry of the founders to become one of the most competitive companies in the field of diamond technology.

We aim to supply the diamond products ( especially the natural diamond )at the most competitive pricing along with the ultra long LASTING performance .

With our techniques we are able to shape diamonds like you’ve never seen before, while cherish the hope that we will make the diamond products affordable for more and more customers and applied in more and more industries.

Our vision

Based on our experience in the market and recently performed market research, we see the following trends and developments in the diamond industry:

An increasing demand for diamond tools due to the increasing demand for alloys and composites

Growing larger and a more consistent quality of diamonds under controlled circumstances are assuming ever greater proportions

The dimensions of diamond are increasing

Additive manufacturing of diamond is possible

The decreasing price of lab grown diamond makes new applications feasible

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