Waterjet Cutting Head - Diamond Integrated
Long life diamond head for Waterjet Cutting! These orifices have inserts made of diamond, the hardest and most wear resistant material available. The longer lifetime of a diamond orifice not only results in a reduction of the number of orifices used. The diamond cutting head made by Lasting Diamond (HK) Technology brought you joined the most elite cutting head technologies in the industry with affordable pricing point, versatile design and leading new features in the waterjet industry. Lasting Diamond Technology offers a wide assortment of diamond orifices for just about any job. All orifices are built to OEM specifications and in partnership with system manufacturers. For greater productivity and lower overall costs, performance can be tailored to the exact job requirements.
Maxjet5i Diamond Nozzle, IDE II Cutting Head , IDE III Cutting Head, IDE PRO Cutting Head, Paser4 Cutting Head .

Our Goal:
To  make the diamond cutting head affordable for each waterjet system.


Lasting Diamond (HK) Technology  offer custom solution for OEMs and distributors in need of anything from design assistance to complete product development. Our ability to create high quality results centered on your cutting head and to bring the cost of your cutting head assembly, ensure your product remaining competitive at the market.

Our precision engineering combines accuracy, reliability and speed with the demand for versatility and durability, meanwhile our precision aligned  technology optimized jet stream alignment and greater cutting speeds.

Equipped with natural diamond and Nano composite carbide inside, our diamond integrated cutting head provide long lasting performance over 1000 hrs.

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