Guarantee 800 hrs minimum life under 4000 bar cutting (premised on using our diamond guard assembly), Normally lifespan 1500 hrs to 2000 hrs.
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Long life diamond orifices for Waterjet Cutting!

These orifices have inserts made of diamond, the hardest and most wear resistant material available. The longer lifetime of a diamond orifice not only results in a reduction of the number of orifices used. It also means the orifice keeps its accuracy and precision for a longer period. This allows for a better performance and a significantly reduced system down-time for orifice replacement and system calibration. All together the use of Long Life Orifices will make the entire process more cost-effective.

Lasting Diamond Technology offers a wide assortment of diamond orifices for just about any job. All orifices are built to OEM specifications and in partnership with system manufacturers. For greater productivity and lower overall costs, performance can be tailored to the exact job requirements.


Reduced down-timeLowest operation costsConsistent jet quality

Long Life Orifices for waterjet cutting are primarily designed for high volume production environments, for instance in the automotive or food industry. In comparison with orifice inserts made of sapphire a lifetime improvement of 15 to 20 times is achieved. Tests proved that after 1000 hours of operation with pure water at 4000 bar there are no measurable changes in jet quality and water usage. Tests with abrasive water jet cutting proved that after 100’000 cycles (on/off cycles) there are no measurable changes in jet quality and water usage.

The long life orifice inserts are extremely resistant to abrasives as well as to foreign particles and impurities in water. This results in a very good water jet quality and a constant volume flow, necessary to ensure consistent cutting quality. The consistent cutting quality can be maintained for a long operating time without changing the orifice in the cutting head. Apart from this improvement the diamond insert does not contain cracks or other imperfections in its structure and as a result implosion events are absent.

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