Maxjet5-21200 Diamond Nozzle
Jan 22.2022 Browsing:1073

The standard long-life integrated nozzle. Warranted to last 500 hours or more*, the MAXJET5-21200 combines Lasting Diamond precision with rugged durability and convenience. This one piece factory-aligned, integrated assembly eliminates the need to rebuild the nozzle body simply replace the entire nozzle body when necessary. The MAXJET 5i also provides more accurate and consistent jet alignment over the life of the nozzle.

Replace #305617-14 , #320303-14, #307448-14


High quality nozzle components – diamond orifice and carbide disc are permanently fixed inside the mixing chamber and nozzle body to ensure precise internal component alignment.


  1. Get better quality cut parts
  2. Completely integrated nozzle body comes ready to install
  3. Reduce downtime – no more nozzle body rebuilds!
  4. Experience overall lower operating cost compared to traditional nozzles
  5. Prolong mixing tube life by generating a more accurate jet stream to reduce internal contact with abrasive

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