IDE2 - 21300 Diamond Cutting Head
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Lasting Diamond Technology Performance is Guaranteed

Every IDE2-21300 water jet cutting nozzle is guaranteed to last a minimum of *500 hours, saving money in maintenance, improving cut quality and operation.

Replace #20477959xxx, #20477950xxx.

Includes Short Stop Filter Element

Every IDE2-21300 Assembly includes a new filter element for the water jet Short Stop Filter. The filter keeps impurities from clogging the orifice during the water jet cutting process. *500 hours or 3 months from ship date when used with Short Stop Filter. (See warranty information included with product).

10-20 Times Greater Performance

Water jet cutting Diamond performance is far superior to waterjet cutting with rubies. Longer water jet orifice life means more uptime due to fewer orifice changes and consistent precision cutting. The integrated design is based on a “coalescing plenum” for an effective and efficient mixing of water and abrasive. The design minimizes jet stream disruption for maximum energy in the waterjet cutting stream.

Superior Edge Quality

Long performance of the diamond orifice delivers a more consistent stream for a longer amount of time, extending focusing tube life and providing a better, much more consistent edge to reduce scrap and eliminate waste.

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